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About me

The face behind the name
Simone Fernandes | Director

From content writing and management, online content and project management to working with creative agencies and designers to develop and deliver key marketing outcomes, I've certainly got plenty of experience in the content marketing space.​

I have an incredibly strong attention to detail and eye for picking up on the smallest of errors in spelling, grammar and format. This is evident in my ability to effectively proof, edit and critique written work. I've achieved a great deal of writing experience - writing and editing content for webpages, blog articles, social media channels, and key sales collateral.

A true passion

But, I’m not just about writing for writing's sake. I’m a firm believer in the importance of learning and growing, both in a personal sense and in a professional space. This is expressed in most of my blog writing.

With the interest and inspiration to develop on both a personal and professional level, I've discovered something about myself that I believe will help drive my career in the right direction. 


You see, personal experiences have led me to a point of patience, resilience and enhanced integrity. These experiences have reminded me to continuously work on my personal brand, reflecting a uniqueness, in who I am, what I do, and how I do what I do.

I've always appreciated listening to people, learning from them, and understanding what they're all about. But, being able to tell their story in one way or another requires a special kind of skill. One which gives me a sense of fulfilment and contentment, and something I've mastered over the years.

My philosophy

I'm a creative at heart and have a real fondness for words. Ever since childhood, I've enjoyed reading and writing, listening to peoples’ life experiences and being able to retell and share their stories with others.

With a background in marketing and communications, in the tertiary education sector, I’ve gained the experience and skillset necessary to advance my career to the next level.

I've had the opportunity to work in some very interesting roles during my career, all of which have played a vital part in my journey to a better future for my family and I.

My training
Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)

Unitec Institute of Technology 2013

Adobe Certified Training in Design BootCamp

Including: Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator

Bring Your Own Laptop 2015

“Simone is a highly skilled brand developer and content writer. She met with me to really understand what I was all about, to ensure that the content really reflected me and my vision. She has helped me with blog articles, my website, and marketing material - both to keep it 'on brand' and the content to be accurate and give the required message! I would recommend her to anyone!” Melissa
“Simone has an amazing ability to juggle complex projects, craft beautiful content and output high quality copy.” Dave
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