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 What UBrandLife does

Content Marketing


In this day and age, the nature of content is radically changing, and the rate at which we consume and disseminate information is increasing by the second. Attention spans are a lot shorter and so the more clear and concise your message, the better the chances of attracting an audience.


Your content needs to deliver a punch! It's important to be able to cut through the competition and clutter, and provide consumers with information that's compelling, authentic and that will add value to them.


Maybe you need someone to help develop a proper content strategy and plan for your business, that looks at the types of content you could be creating, the audiences you should be targeting, the channels you use to reach them, and at what stage of your audience's journey you could be serving up your content?


Or, perhaps you've developed a content strategy and plan to better engage your audiences, and create visibility around your brand and products, but need someone to write the content to support it that also motivates your readers to take action?


This could include long form content such as interest pieces, inside stories and research articles, or short form content like blog editorials, advertising or social media content.

I produce written content that provides relevancy and value to your prospects and customers, driving interest and loyalty to your brand, products and services. 

UBrandLife can help you stand out in the crowd, by identifying your unique selling points (USPs), interweaving them through your brand story, captivating your audience through interesting content and persuading them to invest in your products or services by emphasizing the value-added benefits you provide.

Copywriting, proofing and editing


I provide services in copywriting, proofreading and editing for online content (webpages, LinkedIn profiles, and social media channels), as well as for marketing collateral, sales publications, advertisements, newsletters, email campaigns, editorials, CV's and cover letters, and business documents and reports.

I have an eye for detail, and can tailor my writing style to complement your organisational tone of voice, and to reflect your brand values.


The copy that promotes and sells your business, its services and products, not only needs to articulate how good your offerings are, but more importantly must justify how your clients can benefit from choosing your business over another.


You might require something that has a more colloquial, playful personality for your social channels or advertisements. Or perhaps you're after something that follows a more corporate, formal tone of voice.


Whatever the style, the work I produce is of a professional and polished standard, and because I have experience in project managing multiple jobs at any given time, I ensure your job is delivered within due time and to the brief.

My workspace



Content Marketing (content writing, strategy and planning)

Long form content (interest pieces, inside stories, research articles, profile pieces)

@ $80-$100 (NZD) per hour + GST

Short form content (blog editorials, advertising, social media content)

@ $60-$90 (NZD) per hour + GST

Email campaigns and newsletters

@ $70-$100 (NZD) per hour + GST

Content Marketing strategies and plans

@ $80-$100 (NZD) per hour + GST

Copywriting, proofing and editing


Online content (webpages, LinkedIn profiles, social media channels)

@ $40-$80 (NZD) per hour + GST

Marketing content (sales collateral, newsletters, advertisements, editorials, CV's & cover letters, catalogues)

@ $40-$80 (NZD) per hour + GST

*Please note that all rates may vary depending on your requirements and scale of project. Please get in touch for a quote that exactly meets your needs*

Contact me if you'd like to chat about your requirements or get a quote.
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